Twilight Guard

The Twilight Guard was started by a group of Genasi on the island of S’Imat. These beings believe that creatures who dwell in shadow, including the Moreketten are a plague. They created a militant order, and after some time began recruiting those of other races into their ranks.

In times of unrest, when oppression and corruption are on the rise, the Twilight Guard always seems to find its way back into the spotlight. They often ally themselves with the side they view as “good”, in order to fight on the side of the light.

The Guard consists of three divisions.

The Justicar or S’Imat Justicar, to those outside the order, are tough. They think of themselves as a dam against which the flow of darkness breaks, facing the light at all costs. The Justicar have no patience for wrongdoing, nor for evil. They are the swift fist of justice, and hold themselves to be executioner to abomination.

The Blades, or Vespertine Blades are considered by some to be fanatics. They have taken their mission exceedingly to heart, and some believe they are too close to becoming the creatures they live to fight. The Vespertine Blade drink the blood of the Morketten, and in doing so gain a measure of their abilities. They use those abilities to better be able to exterminate any Moreket they see.

The Judges, also known as the Judges of the Scales, strive to maintain the balance between light and darkness. While the Justicar only see light, and the Vespertine Blades only darkness, the Judges realize that one cannot exist without the other. They accept and embrace both sides of the soul and attempt to keep them in a harmonious balance.

Twilight Guard

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