Shi Rana Brotherhood

Since long before the formation of the empire of Man’at Etim, the Shi Rana Brothers have served as a living repository for many forms of knowledge. Some specialize in history, while others learn all they can of the divine powers. The largest part of the Brotherhood dedicates itself to the study and practice of the arcane. Wizards with a scholarly bent often find themselves in at least a loose association with the Shi Rana Brotherhood.

Headquartered in Grey Hill, on the borders between Saczet and the tumultuous region of Gzet Rashet, the Shi Rana brothers have brokered peace with their neighbors and guard it jealously. As the keepers of history, they know what truly happened at very nearly every major event for the past 3,000 years.

It is said that in every town is at least one agent of the Brotherhood. While they may seem to be spies, they have no use for politics or manipulation. The Brotherhood observes, and does not interfere, even at the cost of nations.


Shi Rana Brotherhood

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