Plane Drifter Plants

Long ago, a group of Seten Manus used the Confluences to travel throughout the planes for research. After forging temporary pacts of truce with the various powers of each realm, they collected species of flora and fauna and brought them back to Tjara for study. The animals that were taken all died during study, but many of the plants took root in this world. Be on the lookout for these, for what may look like a normal flower, shrub, or vine can surely kill you.

Plants of the Feywild

Flicker Fungus

Patches of this small purple mushroom grow on beds of moss in forests all over the world. When anyone gets too close, they are enveloped in a cloud of its spores and then find themselves some distance away without any knowledge of how they came to be there.

Gullet Plant

A large cousin to the native pitcher plant, the Gullet Plant has an ingenious camouflage technique. The mouth of the plant is covered by a thin membrane, which in turn becomes covered in leaves and moss. When a creature attempts to walk across the plant, it falls into a pit filled with the Gullet Plant’s digestive juices.

Shroud Lily

This giant lily is all but invisible to anyone that is not looking for it. The shroud lily casts a powerful illusion around itself, hiding its bulk from view. Only when its prey is in the grip of its devouring roots do they see its deathly white petals.

Vampiric Vine

Glossy, dark green frilled leaves make this vine look like a tropical garden plant. However, the beauty of its foliage hides a grisly secret. Ghastly flowers with spiked stamens attach to prey caught in the hanging tendrils of the Vampiric Vine and are soon drained of blood.

Plants of the Elemental Chaos

Elemental Fern

The fiddles of these ferns are highly prized for their alchemical applications, but harvesting them can get one shocked, burned, frozen or tossed about. The elemental fern always has some hint of its origin about itself, so keep your eyes peeled.

Drowning Grass

When walking through swamps and marshes, beware of tall stands of grass. Pale green and damp as seaweed, the drowning grass has earned its name. Unwary travelers have died standing in ankle-deep marsh, choking on water that was air only a moment earlier.

Lithic Lichen

Dark grayish brown with white veins, the lithic lichen resembles a plant that has been carved out of dark marble. The lithic lichen clings to trees and grows on the edge of pathways. Though it may look benign, stepping on it can lead to paralysis or petrification.

Plague Spindles

The needles of the plague spindle can grow up to a foot in length. While their sting is painful, it is the contagion they carry that is more fearsome. When the Plague Spindle stands up in its dark carpet, it drips with Abyssal Contagion. Weakness of the body and deterioration of the mind are the results, a sure hamper to any expedition.

Plants of the Shadowfell

Darkling Thorns

Growing as a tangled bush, the darkling thorn will attack anyone who comes near after casting a pall of inky darkness around itself. Few people are able to ward off the thrashing thorns when they begin their attack.

Gossamer Moss

More a nuisance than a threat, the gossamer moss hangs from trees and sways with a non-existent wind. Those who pass beneath it are showered in its pollen, and for some time are less than they were before. This ghost-like condition is only temporary, however.

Hell Blossom

Do not let the sweet smell of these black petals lure you in. Barbed stamen spray any traveler who comes closer than the hell blossom may like. Those who are injured by the stamen often find themselves among the undead.

Plants of the Astral Sea

Vine of the Veil

Little is known of this black, slimy vine. It is rooted in the Ether of the Astral Sea, and the parts we see are only projections into this world. Some believe that there is only one vine with many branches. Whatever the case, the Vine of the Veil grows from mid-air near old ruins, battlefields and areas of Confluence. It is best not to come too close, or else you may fall prey to its poisons.

Plane Drifter Plants

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