Nations and City States

Nations of Man’at

Before the War of Unity, Marium was the stronghold of the Cult of Bane. When the empire of Man’at Etim stretched to every corner of the continent, Marium was capital of the northern province. Now, it serves the same function for the kingdom of Marium. The royal families of Marium claim direct line of descent to the original Imperial family, and it is no secret that the current king wishes to re-unite the empire.

Formerly the eastern-most province of Man’at Etim, the nation of Saczet is composed of the eastern portion of Man’at that lies to the north and west of the Altamir Autonomous Region. Known for its naval might and the export of exotic dyes, Saczet is also home to Birthing Gate.

Gzek Rashet
The central region of Man’at is divided. While loosely allied territories all pay fealty to one king, there is a legend among the people of Gzek Rashet. Until the old capital of the empire, Al Rashet, is found again, the local lords will not truly bow to anyone.

Altamir Autonomous Region
The Altamir Autonomous Region is the island of Nashira in the center of the Cygnian Sea, as well as all surrounding coast on the mainland. In the past, the neighboring nation of Saczet tried to annex the land of the Estrellani, but paid so dearly for the attempt that they have left them alone since. The capital city of Nashira is home to the largest and most prestigious university in the world, and several of the other cities in the region are centers of ship-building.

Khad Tak
The Southernmost of the nations on Man’at, Khad Tak is home to a large desert, which effectively divides the northern and southern parts of the country. The largest city in Khad Tak is Halmaic, on the Bay of Tyrene. Largely rural, Khad Tak is closely allied with the Altamir Autonomous region.

Nations of Sytein

Nations and City States

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