Morketten (pl) \Moor-KET-tin\, Morket (sin) \Mhoor-KET\.
The Morketten are an unpredictable, chaotic race. They have emerged from their lairs in the deep, dark caverns of Tjara to lay waste to cities, only to leave as soon as the fighting is done. Their minds are a snarl of twisted impulses, unknown motives, and not many can fathom their strategies. Morketten descend in droves upon a place, seeming to thrive on carnage, and the thrill of the fight. Some do travel, seeking adventure mostly by becoming mercenaries or bandits, but the Morketten are also known to enter into more subtle manipulations.

Their cunning minds lead them naturally into political intrigue, and in such a way, they have caused more than one war. However, because of their chaotic nature, they may find it to their advantage to ally themselves with certain people, groups, or governments. Treaties made with the Morketten must be worded very carefully, for they will find any possible crack to slip through. Morketten are extremely stealthy, and for a long time, their blood was a hotly traded commodity. By using the blood of a fallen Morket as ink in a tattoo, the bearer gains a fraction of their ability.

How to spot them:
Skin: Black. Absorbs light, with few reflective qualities.
Eyes: Black, shining, with an almost glittering cast. Eyes larger than average humanoid size.
Hair: None. Wisps of shadow float around their heads as if in place of hair.
Height: 4’2” to 5’3”
Build: Slender.
Note: facial features of the Morketten are not extremely well formed. They have mouths with very thin lips (also have pointy teeth!), large tympanic membranes on the sides of their heads in place of ears, and very slight protrusions for noses.

Where they live:
Morketten live in caverns in various places throughout Tjara, but there are a few small Morketten cities on three of the continents, near large cavern mouths. The layout of these cities reflects the Morketten themselves. Streets wind and twist without any obvious reason, some ending without warning. Travelers here are cautioned to keep any and all valuable items out of sight entirely. Few who flaunt their gold leave the city with it. The Morketten Theives’s Guild is the largest in the world, with branches on every continent, and some say in every city in Tjara. The Morketten cities on Man’at are: Pohs Tojna, Anipa, Wynotte.


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