Legion of Altamir

The Legion of Altamir is the standing defense force that serves the Altamir Autonomous Region. Almost entirely made up of Estrellani, the Legion is approximately 500 strong in the capital city of Nashira, not including naval forces. The cities surrounding the Cygnian Sea quarter a much larger number between them for a total force of 2,000. Every Estrellani, when he or she comes of age, must serve at least three years in the Legion. Because of this, in times of war, the Legion can swell to over 20,000. The Legion is made of three divisions.

Aquila Legion: Eagles

The armor of the Aquila Legion bears bronze emblems of its namesake. Eagles in more than name, the Aquila are well equipped to strike hard and with great speed. Warriors skilled in the methods of martial combat, the Aquila Legion have their greatest presence on the North Shore of the Cygnian Sea, where the cities and towns have been periodically attacked by the army of Saczet.

Corvus Legion: Ravens

Among the Corvus Legion, one finds healers, warlocks and wizards along with many others. Anyone in the Legion with magical talent ends up wearing the black-dyed leather armor of the Ravens. Smaller in number than the Aquila, Corvus Legion is mysterious and somewhat secretive. Visitors often say that they are eerie to look at when in full armor. That is perhaps due to the birdlike helmets they wear.

Hydrus Legion: Sea Serpents

By far, the Hydrus Legion is the largest. Patrolling the Cygnian Sea between Nashira and the other cities that ring the Cygnian Sea, Hydrus Legion keeps peace on the water. When armor is worn, it is almost never much more than a few pieces at a time. Most notably, nearly every member of Hydrus Legion wears a set of bracers lacquered bright blue and bearing the likeness of Mak’inaa, the great sea dragon. On the larger ships where boarding forces are necessary, breastplates and helmets are the primary type of armor worn, engraved with the azure coils of Mak’inaa, who some say still swims the Cygnian Sea.

Legion of Altamir

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