Land Mass


Continent to the north with a colder climate, many evergreen forests, and some tundra at the northernmost points.

Largest of the three continents on Tjara. Temperate to tropical climate for the most part, with forests, many lakes and one desert.

Nish A Tak
Southernmost landmass in the world. Almost entirely tundra, with a few evergreen forests in the north of the island.

Islands and Archapelago

Composed of North and South Pur’at, the islands of Pur’at have many different kinds of climate, as well as the oldest forests on the planet. Southern Pur’at is home to enormous farms and mines, allowing the Pur’at islands to have cornered the market on magical ores and exotic spices.

The Eastern Islands
A mysterious mix of primitive peoples and modern nations, the Eastern Islands have a reputation for producing some of the most feared sorcerers on Tjara. As the largest of these islands, S’Imat is home to Burning Gate, and emissaries from places like the Nine Hells. On the southern coast of S’Imat is Ei Leima, stronghold of the Twilight Guard. The guard has allied with the Thryn of the desert, as well as the Confluence Mages and the Keepers of the Way to administer the gate, as well as keep peace throughout the island’s villages.

Land Mass

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