Keeper of the Way


“I am the enforcer of oaths, the protector of peace. I am a Keeper, and the universe is my charge.”

It may seem melodramatic, but the Keepers of the Way truly keep peace with the planes at all times. They are responsible for enforcing the Accord of the Confluences, and also for subduing incursions from new Confluences such as Fey Crossings. Not all stay Keepers their entire lives. Their skills are highly sought after in armies, as bodyguards, and several other professions.

Keeper of the Way Traits

Secondary Role: Striker
Power Source: Martial
Granted Power: You gain the Rift Strike power

Keeper of the Way Feats

Time Travel – once per day, if you miss with a Keeper of the Way attack power, you may re-roll the attack. You must use the new result, even if it is lower.

Quickening Rift – When using your Rift Strike power, you may teleport your speed.

Keeper of the Way Powers

Rift Strike (Keeper of the Way Attack, Level 1)
You slice through the fabric of reality and step through the gash to face your enemy.

Vengeance Rift (Keeper of the Way Utility, Level 2)
You cut through time and space, creating a rift that takes you face to face with an enemy who wounded you.

Threatening Rift (Keeper of the Way Attack, Level 3)
Your blow opens a rift on your enemy’s body. If he does not act quickly, it will cause him greater harm.

Devouring Rift (Keeper of the Way Attack, Level 5)
The rift you open on your enemy’s body is beyond your control. It devours him, body and soul.

Far-Reaching Rift (Keeper of the Way Utility, Level 6)
You open a rift in space, through which your blade slips to attack foes further away.

Stitch In Time (Keeper of the Way Attack, Level 7)
You open a rift in the ground at your feet and jump through. Enemies near you suffer attacks at the hands of your past and future selves.

Confusion Rift (Keeper of the Way Attack, Level 9)
You strike at your enemy, and the rift created causes him to panic, and he cannot distinguish friend from foe.

Flanking Rift (Keeper of the Way Utility, Level 10)
You open a rift behind your enemy, and a past version of yourself steps through, hemming him in.

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Keeper of the Way

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