Gate Wizards

The Gate Wizards have emerged as a world power in themselves. In the more than five thousand years since the Accord of the Confluences, they have developed unbreakable treaties with the governments of Tjara. The Gate Wizards are the means by which long distance travel is performed, and how emissaries from other planes get to Tjara.

These arcane individuals also act as mediators. On several occasions, when the High Court of Fae had negotiations break down with the devils of the Nine Hells, it was the Gate Wizards who brought them back to the table. Every time the Confluence Gates are used, a Gate Wizard is present. They guide travelers through the gate, and seal the breach when everyone is through.

Gate Wizards take an oath in blood to defend the gates, and have created an army to that effect.

Gate Wizard

Gate Wizards

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