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The Estrellani are a humanoid race descended, quite literally, from the stars. They came into being only a little over 1,000 years ago after a piece of one of the sentient stars struck the southeastern edge of Man’at, forming the Cygnian Sea. It is around the rim of this sea that most Estrellani make their home.

Physical Characteristics

The physical appearance of the Estrellani reflects their celestial origins. Their skin colors range from pale blue, red and yellow to an opalescent white, but all seem to glow faintly. The hair of Estrellani tends to be silvery, gold, or copper, though a few do have white. Some adventuring Estrellani have used dyes to blend in better with the human and elven populations. For the most part, such measures are effective, but upon closer inspection, an observer finds that the eyes of the Estrellani glow with an intense inner radiance that can be blue, red, yellow, orange, or white.

The hair is worn long, with women favoring intricately braided styles. There are two notable exceptions. Archers cut short or shave the hair on their drawing side, while initiates into the Legion of Altamir shave their heads completely. Personal adornments are not uncommon, but most Estrellani find them unnecessary as baubles and jewelry draw more attention to them. The clothing worn by Estrellani tends to be utilitarian in design, regardless of social station, but quality of workmanship, material and style of embellishment are definite indicators of rank.

The Estrellani lifespan is between 180 and 210 years, and outward signs of aging are few until very late. In the final few decades of life, the hair of an Estrellani begins to darken, gradually fading to black. Small black spots creep down the neck from the hairline, spreading over the shoulders, back and chest. Few live long once darkness clouds the eyes. Death occurs with a sudden and at times violent outflow of energy that is said to return to the heart of Altamir, along with all knowledge gained during the life of the Estrellani.

Playing Estrellani

A fiercely independent people, the Estrellani owe fealty to no king, and fear no warlord. While the borders of their lands are efficiently guarded, they do welcome those not of their race. Because of the long lifespan of Elves, they are seen as great observers, and are often befriended by Estrellani so that they may learn of their experiences. By a similar token, Deva are also natural companions because they have at least some access to the experience of many lives. Due to their industrious and inventive nature, dwarves have forged an unlikely friendship with the people of the Altamir Autonomous Region.

More than anything else, Estrellani love to learn. Many have become scholars, but more are master craftsmen, inventors, and warriors, or have taken up more mundane occupations. The Altamir region is home to the largest and most prestigious university in all of Tjara, a testament to their thirst for all knowledge. People from all over the world come to study beneath the great golden domes of Nashira, where all are welcome, so long as they are willing to learn.

Gaining patience from their immortal ancestor, Estrellani are a careful lot with regard to other races. They do not normally rush to judgment, making their trust, loyalty and respect difficult to earn.

Though many of the Estrellani stay in the Altamir region and study anything from agriculture to sculpture to philosophy, others leave the area to gain knowledge. In fact, before anyone can become a full professor at Nashira University, he or she must spend no less than five years away from the capital, doing research and sending back periodic reports.

A sizeable contingent of the Estrellani population is made up of the Legion of Altamir, the standing army led by seven generals appointed by the Three Aspects of Altamir, the region’s ruling body. The Legion is quartered in smaller cities along the rim of the Cygnian Sea. An Estrellani warrior is stalwart, loyal, and willing to trade his life for his companions.

Estrellani Characteristics: introspective, enigmatic, curious, independent, loyal.

Male Names: Adil, Cebelrai, Deneb, Eltanin, Errai, Gienah, Han, Izar, Keid, Kochab, Sesath, Marsic, Matar, Naos, Phakt, Rastaban, Saiph, Tejat, Unakalhai, Wezen, and Zaurak.

Female Names: Asha, Dim’ma, Fareih, Ghadira, Hania, Iman, Jinyada, Khadjada, Laheela, Malaikat, Nada, Raji, Safiyaten, Sali, Tamihatem, and Zahara.

Stats, Powers, etc.

Racial Traits



Racial Feats

Devouring Nova
Requirement: Estrellani
Your radiant powers ignore resistance equal to your radiant resistance.

Altamir’s Fire
Requirement: Estrellani
When using a power with the radiant or fire keywords, gain + 2 feat bonus to damage ( + 3 at Level 11, + 4 at Level 21).

Channel Divinity: Altamir’s Shield
Requirement: Estrellani
Your devotion to the Eternal Mother keeps you safe, but you can lend that protection to others in times of need
Requirement: Estrellani, Channel Divinity Class Feature
+2 to 1 defense (personal) or burst 1 within 5 squares (1 ally in burst).


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