Dwellers In Silence

Among the Thryn, there are holy ones who have taken a vow of silence. These are rarely seen outside of their desert hive cities, but when they do leave, they are normally found in groups of five. The Dwellers in Silence appear in times of conflict, and minister healing to wounds of war both physical and mental.

Each group of five is made of three parts. One healer, usually a priest, is identified by symbols etched into the exoskeleton of his forelimbs. With this healer are usually two staff-wielding Thryn and another two who carry crossbows or throwing knives. The Dwellers in Silence need not speak. They are all powerful in the ways of mental communication, and use this to get across to others.

On occasion, members of other races are inducted into the order, but many find the training and self-sacrifice too rigorous. These people, when they leave the order, are called the Speaking Silent.

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Dwellers In Silence

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