Confluence Mage Initiate


“I know the ways of Confluence, and have harnessed their power. Now I seek for purpose away from the Gates.”

The Confluence Mages control the Gates of Confluence, and have hundreds of Initiates each year. Though this may be true, the order often loses talented individuals due to internal politics or other petty squabbles. Many of these wander the world and attach themselves to various organizations and serve as a guide through regional gates.

Confluence Mage Initiate Traits

Secondary Role: Leader
Power Source: Arcane
Granted Power: You gain the chaos portal power

IMPORTANT: Confluence Mage Initiate Teleport Powers require a character to have at least one square of movement. If you are grabbed, restrained or immobilized, the movement powers cannot be used, and do not negate any penalties from these effects.

Confluence Mage Initiate Feats

Portal Precision – When a Confluence Mage Initiate power requires you to roll to determine a damage type, roll twice and keep the result you prefer.

Portal Boost – All burst or blast attacks from the Confluence Mage Initiate theme increase in size by one square.

Confluence Mage Initiate Powers

Chaos Portal (Confluence Mage Initiate Path Feature, Level 1)
You open a portal to the Elemental Chaos, unleashing its fury upon your enemy.

Portal Switch (Confluence Mage Initiate Utility, Level 2)
You use portals to move yourself or another to safety or better strategic position

Hail of Avernus (Confluence Mage Initiate Attack, Level 3)
You open a temporary portal to the Nine Hells above the head of your enemy, raining down poisonous brimstone and paralyzing him.

Path of the Comet (Confluence Mage Initiate Utility, Level 5)
The portal you open finds a roving comet, bringing forth the ice and burning radiance of its passing.

Reflexive Portal (Confluence Mage Initiate Utility, Level 6)
A pair of portals causes a foe to be hit by his own attack, saving your friends from harm.

Madness of Carceri (Confluence Mage Initiate Attack, Level 7)
You open a portal to the flickering red madness of Carceri, the eternal prison. Your enemy flees the portal and suffers mental agony.

Planar Mine Field (Confluence Mage Initiate Attack, Level 9)
You seen an area of the battlefield with portals, and when your enemies step on them, they erupt in unpredictable ways.

Portal Step (Confluence Mage Initiate Utility, Level 10)
You open a portal and step through, quickly moving from place to place.

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Confluence Mage Initiate

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