Aran Sisters

The order is much changed from what it was when sent out of the Western Lands to defeat the Cult of Bane during the War of Unity. Since then, it has gone from a nearly-extinct group of arcane practitioners to an order of women who have a very specific purpose. The Aran Sisterhood act as bodyguards to members of the royal families. No matter how low in the succession, every member of the high houses has an Aran Sister to protect them. Also, the king has a larger contingent of Aran Sisters to protect him. Ten Aran Sisters are with the king at all times.

There is a small contingent of Aran Sisters who side with the rebellion, and reports have begun to surface that these Sisters have started recruiting and training more to their side. They are only rumors for the time being, but the king grows restless.


Cahrole Niah Aran. Leader, Separatist Sisters of Aran

Aran Sisters

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