The Western House Rebellion


After the party stopped recruiters from taking Kale Vardis, they went on a mission to Itilzan. They delivered a message to Vortistin Medoc, saying that the king was willing to negotiate with the members of the rebellion. Medoc was pleased, and sent the party off with several gold pieces in his excitement. On the way out of the city, they party had to dodge an enormous fireball. This flaming sphere took out the entire city, leaving nothing standing and no one alive.

The king received them in his chambers, but seemed slightly taken aback that they came back alive. Ghesh and Sherman picked up on this vibe, and immediately began wondering if they were supposed to have been incinerated along with Medoc. Lord Vakai, one of Idran’s advisers, gave Daka a bag of gold and a request for his silence on the matter.

The next morning, a letter from Vakai sent the party on a mission to An Tallus. Daka informed them that the job was to take possession of Aten Tallus’s children and bring them to the castle in Marium. They would be held hostage until Aten decided to see things the king’s way. The party wasn’t happy with that. They didn’t want to kidnap anyone, let alone kids. The kids — Karl and Reg — didn’t want to be kidnapped either. Tallus himself was at home, and when Daka was about to attack Karl, the old man was surprised when Sherman and Ghesh knocked Daka out from behind.

Now on the way to Artenka in Saczet, the party has both boys with them, and they travel with Retrick Ni Shiran, a member of the Rebellion and personal friend of its leader, Martine de Selhan.


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