Aten Tallus

Leader of the Rebellion


While the Western House has been having trouble deciding who their new leader will be, the clear favorite is Aten Tallus. Tallus married King Tieran’s younger sister. Even though she relinquished her right of succession to the throne, her former status lends Tallus and his allies a sense of legitimacy they otherwise would not have.

Tallus has refused the position of High Seat, because he is aware that his participation in and leadership of the rebellion will make him a traitor to the crown. If he were to be in the High Seat and be arrested for treason, the Western House would be severely weakened. In spite of his refusal, he is all but de facto leader, and because of this, the Western House has thrown its support fully behind the only challenger to the throne, though she is still gathering forces in secret.

Aten Tallus

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