The Vardis Children

Children of Nestor and Hillie


Harra Vardis

Harra is a pretty young lady of about 20 years. She has her eye on the cobbler across the street, but isn’t hurting for admirers. While Hillie runs the bar, Harra cooks all of that delicious food you get to eat at the Nine Fathoms. After the kitchen closes, she serves as tavern wench.

Kale Vardis

At fourteen, Kale does most of the cleaning and sewing, as well as washing and anything else her mother might need. She is sweet and very friendly, and has a lovely singing voice.

Arle Vardis

The youngest of the Vardis children, Arle is twelve years old. He is bookish and shrimpy for his age, so he tends to stay at the Nine Fathoms or goes to the library at the center of town. Arle also serves as messenger for the inn.

The Vardis Children

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