The Western House Rebellion

Webs and Golems

or Sticky Trickery

Lady Martine has requested we find and “conscript” a varbeeg named Hans, or Zoltan, or some-such. With that in mind we set off to the south to find this Carlos fella, somewhere along the river. On out way we smelled trouble. It smelled like dead things. Well, undead things. A necromancer and an undead dragon to be even more specific. They were chasing this wilden named Jett. After dispatching the walking dead, Jett stated that he is an emissary from Khad Tak, sent to aid the rebellion. Until we have a chance to meet back with lady Martine, he will be traveling with us.

So we are back to looking for Hadan, on the way to “his” river. Traveling along the lake we cannot find a boat, so we must travel on land. Problem with traveling on land is that it is slow, and there are creatures. These creatures will slow you down, especially if they are spiders. I hate spiders. We had a little run in with some local spiders. They thought we would make a nice dinner, we disagreed. As with all such disagreements things got a little hairy. Eventually we convinced them that we would be way too tough of a meal.

We also came across a nice little treasure trove. It was well guarded, both by powerful constructs and devious traps and riddles. While I am sure many lesser adventurers have fallen prey to these devious guardians, we have persevered the trials and walked away with a nice haul.



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