The Western House Rebellion

The Savaging Continues!

Riding the squid to victory!

Yet another ambush! This time by demonic forces! In the middle of the forest! We sent them back to their hell mamas with their tails between their legs. Just replace “sent them back” with “murdered horribly” and you will get the picture. Looking around, we noticed a lot of Hellblossoms in the area. Upon closer investigation we found a big gaping hole in a hill side leading straight down to hell. We could not just leave it like that, so we quickly blocked off the portal with a huge rock, secured it, and moved on. Oh, Jett picked some Hellblossoms. it must be a plant thing.

After traveling for days along the lake we finally came to the “big” city. It was nice to be out of the woods for a while. At first we had hard time finding a boat to take us down the river, as natives were afraid of a “kraken”. Rubbish! We were pointed to the Tom Dodge fella who would supposedly take us where we needed to go. He seemed like a very trustworthy wasted shell of a man. He was also the only one drunk enough to be willing to go on the water. After arranging the passage we headed back to the Savage Goat for the night. In the meantime Jett went to deal with the plant clipping he had. I must say that the Savage Goat is a fine establishment.

Once on the water our trip went smoothly. At least it did until Tom dodged out of consciousness and the “kraken” attacked us. I was somewhat disappointed it was just a giant squid. So while little squidlings were latching onto everyone else, and giant tentacles were flailing wildly, I leaped up onto the squids back and eviscerated its brain. Luckily everyone else was keeping the squid busy so I could ride the squid to victory. And within or so the “kraken” problem was solved. I wonder if there is a reward…


Let’s see how many different kinds of squid you can kill…

The Savaging Continues!

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