The Western House Rebellion

Gnomes and Owls and Vampires, oh my!

Or how to exterminate land squid.

After obliterating gnomish guards we were taken to the First Guardian, who seems a lot smarter than I though she was after encountering her retarded guards. Having spoken to the First Guardian, she seemed willing to help, though unable at the moment. Seems they are having trouble with some kind of land squid or octopus. Sherman have heard of these creatures before and their presence concerned him, so I am guessing there is something to worry about. In the end the First Guardian offered her help if we manage to convince Keepers of the Way to aid the gnomes.

Finding Keepers of the Way was simple enough, all we had to do was go to the cursed city of Al-Rashet. That involved going down Darkling Road, now passable due to the curse being broken. Though we still encountered dead cities and other lingering effects of the curse. Oh, and we ran into the natives. Darkling Road natives are a weird bunch, giant talking animals set on protecting the ruins along the road. Good thing we had no interest in the ruins, as even though the natives didn’t seem very bright (still smarter than the gnomes), they looked like they could put up a fight (more so than the gnomes could, no wonder they are threatened by octopuses). The giant owl seemed the smartest of them all, and after a short conversation with him we continued to Al-Rashet.

The cursed city of Al-Rashet was a happening place. Confluence Wizards and Keepers were running all over the place, closing rifts and such. We have spoken with the leaders of the Keepers tiefling twins by the name of Tunt, or Taana, or some other weird sound. I don’t quite recollect their names. The news of these land squid got them worried, and they offered to aid the gnomes as soon as they finish with the rift here. As we were talking to them them, the rift spewed forth a couple of vampires. They though they were something special and we should fear them. It didn’t work out for them very well. Once the rift was closed we headed back to the First Guardian with the news that the keepers will be on their way in the next few days.

In the meantime we got a message from Lady Marteen that they are moving camp. Oh, and Bree is sick, has constipation and elongated arms. I hope its not contagious.


How to exterminate Land Squid? You get someone else do do it…oh that’s what you did…


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