The Western House Rebellion

Dramatic heroic entrance of the spoony bard

When last we met our intrepid group, ‘The New Recruits’, they were horribly oppressed by the evil possibly mind controled king. Forced to kidnap two innocent bright eyed Tallus children but fear not our honorable heroes spit in the face of danger and the proverbial face of the demonic king and his hooded minion/controller taking the kids to safety.

So our magnanimous group decided to provide aid to the rebellion and give them a fighting chance in the oncoming dark days. We met a delightful elderly lady with a love for explosive botany and Marlene the young warrior with a heart of gold. During the night our dastard enemies stooped to a midnight ambush due to their fear of our overcoming greatness. The unwavering statue of awesome Sherman in his constant vigil saw through these villain’s schemes and alerted the New Recruits. I burst through the humble provisions our rebel allies provided to find the camp in ambush and various rebel guards that were not as lucky as our beatific group. Gesh equally flew out of his tent to met their melee with electrifying efficiency, felling opponents left and right. Raven hopped out of her small tent eviscerating with a casual grace and calm determination. Zaraja hobbled out of her dwelling like a fabled witch of the wilds about to tell those damn kids to get out of her forest but instead showered them with mystical retribution for ruining her sleep. A guard seem to come to our aid only to betray our unstoppable party by attempting to stab Sherman in the back. Sherman’s impervious skin flung the blade away and we slew the wretched doppelganger with wrathful alacrity. Sadly his skin burst in a multitude of red magpies harrying our mortified band. The congregation of magpies were overcome with cowardice at their wretched actions and fled our holy presence only to be destroyed by a molten ivy bomb in it’s haste to retreat.

Impressed with our overwhelming greatness, the decrepit botanist showed us around her tree home crushed us up some mojo plant powder to aid us on our grand adventure and sent us off in the woods to woo the dreaded Gnomes to help us defeat the abhorrent empire of city destroyers. Our jaunt through the woods was very circular for a while until our heroes pleaded with the woods to show mercy and send word of our request to parley with the Gnomes and their Guardian. I hefted the amulet from my tunic so that it’s light will show the forest of our pure intent. Not a moment later, our nimble party dodge a torrent of little saplings that burst from the ground to entangle and disembowel us. Soon after the ambush of leaves a duo of gnomes appeared demanding our lives forfeit for trespassing in their sacred hallow. Our pleadful envoy attempted to diplomatically asauge the gnome’s indignant accusations. One of the unruly individuals charged Gesh, a mistake as the scaly juggernaut countered the gnomes charge and smote the rude creature. Tymora’s smile graced us, as a more reasonable gnome appeared and halted their forestman from further death and destruction. I successfully resuscitated the unfortunate body of the gnome and we were allowed entrance into the Gnomish council. I am hoping our assistance will bring the forest to the Rebel’s aid.


Now…can you do that as a song? You are a bard, after all…


He could always turn it into an interpretive dance. That would be electrifying.


But wouldn’t he be REALLY tired after all that?


Bards can be storytellers with musical accompaniment or kind of like a rap…in a cant. He isn’t that lithe on his feet. He might even have two left feet!


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