The Western House Rebellion

The Savaging Continues!
Riding the squid to victory!

Yet another ambush! This time by demonic forces! In the middle of the forest! We sent them back to their hell mamas with their tails between their legs. Just replace “sent them back” with “murdered horribly” and you will get the picture. Looking around, we noticed a lot of Hellblossoms in the area. Upon closer investigation we found a big gaping hole in a hill side leading straight down to hell. We could not just leave it like that, so we quickly blocked off the portal with a huge rock, secured it, and moved on. Oh, Jett picked some Hellblossoms. it must be a plant thing.

After traveling for days along the lake we finally came to the “big” city. It was nice to be out of the woods for a while. At first we had hard time finding a boat to take us down the river, as natives were afraid of a “kraken”. Rubbish! We were pointed to the Tom Dodge fella who would supposedly take us where we needed to go. He seemed like a very trustworthy wasted shell of a man. He was also the only one drunk enough to be willing to go on the water. After arranging the passage we headed back to the Savage Goat for the night. In the meantime Jett went to deal with the plant clipping he had. I must say that the Savage Goat is a fine establishment.

Once on the water our trip went smoothly. At least it did until Tom dodged out of consciousness and the “kraken” attacked us. I was somewhat disappointed it was just a giant squid. So while little squidlings were latching onto everyone else, and giant tentacles were flailing wildly, I leaped up onto the squids back and eviscerated its brain. Luckily everyone else was keeping the squid busy so I could ride the squid to victory. And within or so the “kraken” problem was solved. I wonder if there is a reward…

Webs and Golems
or Sticky Trickery

Lady Martine has requested we find and “conscript” a varbeeg named Hans, or Zoltan, or some-such. With that in mind we set off to the south to find this Carlos fella, somewhere along the river. On out way we smelled trouble. It smelled like dead things. Well, undead things. A necromancer and an undead dragon to be even more specific. They were chasing this wilden named Jett. After dispatching the walking dead, Jett stated that he is an emissary from Khad Tak, sent to aid the rebellion. Until we have a chance to meet back with lady Martine, he will be traveling with us.

So we are back to looking for Hadan, on the way to “his” river. Traveling along the lake we cannot find a boat, so we must travel on land. Problem with traveling on land is that it is slow, and there are creatures. These creatures will slow you down, especially if they are spiders. I hate spiders. We had a little run in with some local spiders. They thought we would make a nice dinner, we disagreed. As with all such disagreements things got a little hairy. Eventually we convinced them that we would be way too tough of a meal.

We also came across a nice little treasure trove. It was well guarded, both by powerful constructs and devious traps and riddles. While I am sure many lesser adventurers have fallen prey to these devious guardians, we have persevered the trials and walked away with a nice haul.

Gnomes and Owls and Vampires, oh my!
Or how to exterminate land squid.

After obliterating gnomish guards we were taken to the First Guardian, who seems a lot smarter than I though she was after encountering her retarded guards. Having spoken to the First Guardian, she seemed willing to help, though unable at the moment. Seems they are having trouble with some kind of land squid or octopus. Sherman have heard of these creatures before and their presence concerned him, so I am guessing there is something to worry about. In the end the First Guardian offered her help if we manage to convince Keepers of the Way to aid the gnomes.

Finding Keepers of the Way was simple enough, all we had to do was go to the cursed city of Al-Rashet. That involved going down Darkling Road, now passable due to the curse being broken. Though we still encountered dead cities and other lingering effects of the curse. Oh, and we ran into the natives. Darkling Road natives are a weird bunch, giant talking animals set on protecting the ruins along the road. Good thing we had no interest in the ruins, as even though the natives didn’t seem very bright (still smarter than the gnomes), they looked like they could put up a fight (more so than the gnomes could, no wonder they are threatened by octopuses). The giant owl seemed the smartest of them all, and after a short conversation with him we continued to Al-Rashet.

The cursed city of Al-Rashet was a happening place. Confluence Wizards and Keepers were running all over the place, closing rifts and such. We have spoken with the leaders of the Keepers tiefling twins by the name of Tunt, or Taana, or some other weird sound. I don’t quite recollect their names. The news of these land squid got them worried, and they offered to aid the gnomes as soon as they finish with the rift here. As we were talking to them them, the rift spewed forth a couple of vampires. They though they were something special and we should fear them. It didn’t work out for them very well. Once the rift was closed we headed back to the First Guardian with the news that the keepers will be on their way in the next few days.

In the meantime we got a message from Lady Marteen that they are moving camp. Oh, and Bree is sick, has constipation and elongated arms. I hope its not contagious.

Dramatic heroic entrance of the spoony bard

When last we met our intrepid group, ‘The New Recruits’, they were horribly oppressed by the evil possibly mind controled king. Forced to kidnap two innocent bright eyed Tallus children but fear not our honorable heroes spit in the face of danger and the proverbial face of the demonic king and his hooded minion/controller taking the kids to safety.

So our magnanimous group decided to provide aid to the rebellion and give them a fighting chance in the oncoming dark days. We met a delightful elderly lady with a love for explosive botany and Marlene the young warrior with a heart of gold. During the night our dastard enemies stooped to a midnight ambush due to their fear of our overcoming greatness. The unwavering statue of awesome Sherman in his constant vigil saw through these villain’s schemes and alerted the New Recruits. I burst through the humble provisions our rebel allies provided to find the camp in ambush and various rebel guards that were not as lucky as our beatific group. Gesh equally flew out of his tent to met their melee with electrifying efficiency, felling opponents left and right. Raven hopped out of her small tent eviscerating with a casual grace and calm determination. Zaraja hobbled out of her dwelling like a fabled witch of the wilds about to tell those damn kids to get out of her forest but instead showered them with mystical retribution for ruining her sleep. A guard seem to come to our aid only to betray our unstoppable party by attempting to stab Sherman in the back. Sherman’s impervious skin flung the blade away and we slew the wretched doppelganger with wrathful alacrity. Sadly his skin burst in a multitude of red magpies harrying our mortified band. The congregation of magpies were overcome with cowardice at their wretched actions and fled our holy presence only to be destroyed by a molten ivy bomb in it’s haste to retreat.

Impressed with our overwhelming greatness, the decrepit botanist showed us around her tree home crushed us up some mojo plant powder to aid us on our grand adventure and sent us off in the woods to woo the dreaded Gnomes to help us defeat the abhorrent empire of city destroyers. Our jaunt through the woods was very circular for a while until our heroes pleaded with the woods to show mercy and send word of our request to parley with the Gnomes and their Guardian. I hefted the amulet from my tunic so that it’s light will show the forest of our pure intent. Not a moment later, our nimble party dodge a torrent of little saplings that burst from the ground to entangle and disembowel us. Soon after the ambush of leaves a duo of gnomes appeared demanding our lives forfeit for trespassing in their sacred hallow. Our pleadful envoy attempted to diplomatically asauge the gnome’s indignant accusations. One of the unruly individuals charged Gesh, a mistake as the scaly juggernaut countered the gnomes charge and smote the rude creature. Tymora’s smile graced us, as a more reasonable gnome appeared and halted their forestman from further death and destruction. I successfully resuscitated the unfortunate body of the gnome and we were allowed entrance into the Gnomish council. I am hoping our assistance will bring the forest to the Rebel’s aid.


After the party stopped recruiters from taking Kale Vardis, they went on a mission to Itilzan. They delivered a message to Vortistin Medoc, saying that the king was willing to negotiate with the members of the rebellion. Medoc was pleased, and sent the party off with several gold pieces in his excitement. On the way out of the city, they party had to dodge an enormous fireball. This flaming sphere took out the entire city, leaving nothing standing and no one alive.

The king received them in his chambers, but seemed slightly taken aback that they came back alive. Ghesh and Sherman picked up on this vibe, and immediately began wondering if they were supposed to have been incinerated along with Medoc. Lord Vakai, one of Idran’s advisers, gave Daka a bag of gold and a request for his silence on the matter.

The next morning, a letter from Vakai sent the party on a mission to An Tallus. Daka informed them that the job was to take possession of Aten Tallus’s children and bring them to the castle in Marium. They would be held hostage until Aten decided to see things the king’s way. The party wasn’t happy with that. They didn’t want to kidnap anyone, let alone kids. The kids — Karl and Reg — didn’t want to be kidnapped either. Tallus himself was at home, and when Daka was about to attack Karl, the old man was surprised when Sherman and Ghesh knocked Daka out from behind.

Now on the way to Artenka in Saczet, the party has both boys with them, and they travel with Retrick Ni Shiran, a member of the Rebellion and personal friend of its leader, Martine de Selhan.


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