On the first of the new year 5096 A.C.A., Idran Marl’nai of the Northern House was crowned King of Marium. Now in the fall of his first reigning year, the region is filled with unrest. The recently crowned king wasted no time instructing his generals to begin mass conscription into the army. Anyone found able to hold a weapon is subject to this order, and disobedience is treason.

The army’s ranks swell in numbers, and mercenaries flock to the capital city to enlist in droves. Opposition in the army was eliminated quickly, and the nobles grow paranoid. Rumors circulate; speculations on war, and whispers of dissident nobles.

And laced through these rumors is word of a single surviving heir to the Eastern House. The Western House has thrown support behind her. All members of the Eastern House are under house arrest in hopes that the budding rebellion will stay its hand. Support from many quarters has begun to gather behind the cause in secret, and the king has put a price on the head of the traitor, Martine de Selhan.

Game Premise

Please look at the write-up for your chosen race. This will give you an idea of how your character will fit into the world.

  • You are new recruits into the Army of Marium. Your character should start at level 3 with standard gear for your level.
  • I’d like a short background (a paragraph or so) for your character.
  • No evil characters.
  • Experience will be based on both story and combat encounters, but don’t keep a calculator.
  • Races: You may play play any of the Common Races, but Uncommon Races and Rare Races would require a good back story to explain. You may not play an Eladrin (This is for story reasons).

The Western House Rebellion

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